Project: Life In Color

We’re into our 2nd month of our blog circle and once again, I hadn’t planned anything out. This just happened pretty much as everything in my life does…by luck and by chance.

Camden has a love of water, whether it be a swimming pool, a sprinkler, a water table, or a bathtub. He is completely at ease. The other night as bath time was drawing to a close he proceeded to lay back in the water and just be his silly little self. I couldn’t resist photographing that little face amongst the tub full of bubbles. So that’s exactly what I did. And 30+ pictures later, I have these 9 to share here. The best part of this impromptu photo session was realizing that my kid is a complete and utter ham. After trying to put my camera away, he quickly said, “mo mo pictures”. And at that moment I realized I’d created a monster. And also at that moment I secretly beamed with pride.

Just another day in my life…and it’s a very colorful life.

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