My obsession with Instagram.

As someone who is slightly obsessed with photographing practically everything, it’s become quite a hassle to lug my big dSLR around with me at all times. I don’t even have a point and shoot (the last one died and we never bothered to replace it) so my iPhone has become my number one, on the go, must have at all times, camera. Over the years I’ve used apps like Hipstamatic and ShakeIt, but never felt a warm and fuzzy feeling when I used them. Sure, they were fun. I mean I could make photos look like Polaroids with ShakeIt and give photos a bubble pop hue with Hipstamatic, but it never did the trick. Then I discovered Instagram (albeit a little late). To put it mildly – I’m obsessed. I would rather wait the extra 30 seconds to have it load up, then use the boring camera feature on my phone. You can add textures, borders, depth of field all on one screen. And while I don’t have the luxury of using a nice lens, I am forced to look at things differently to get an interesting shot. It forces my hand at creativity even if 99.9% of all of my shots are of Camden.

Are you equally as in love with Instagram as I am?

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