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Mother’s Day or not, there are moments we love (as moms) more than anything.

Sometimes it’s just the way your kids look at you.
Atlanta Area Family PhotographyOr the way they squeeze you close.Sometimes it’s having them all so close to you that you think this, right here, is the most perfect place to be.
It’s how they make you feel like you are their everything.
And sometimes, it’s as simple as walking with you hand in hand.Sometimes it’s how your child makes the tiniest gesture…And then it’s times where you hug them so tightly that you might never let go.It’s a kiss on the cheek.Or a sweet toothless smile.It’s hanging on to your tiniest little one as long as you possibly can.And holding them for as long as they’ll let you.
And it is always about being with those you cherish and love more than you ever could have imagined.  Those people that are your moon and your stars. That make you laugh.  That make you cry. That make you scratch your head. And those that make you realize that there is nowhere else on Earth you’d rather be.


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