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This post is slightly overdue.  My computer decided to die on me and I’ve been waiting for its replacement.  While I’m still not fully up to speed on this new addition, it’s time to share these photos of Mara and her wonderful family.

Mara is actually a cousin by marriage.  (Of course, I have no idea the degree that would be. So if you’re knowledgeable on family trees, have at it…Mara is the daughter of my husband’s first cousin.)  And she is gorgeous.  I’m not sure you can get much prettier than this sweet little girl.  And I was thrilled to be able to photograph her and her parents.  We all spent a week together in Wild Dunes earlier this month so I finally got to meet Miss Mara.  She’s about as energetic and happy as any child I’ve ever met.  And she loves to pretend she’s a monkey.  Makes a pretty remarkable monkey sound too.  But if you ask her where the monkey is, she’ll shout “IT ME! IT ME!!”  And that’s when the fun begins.


We did this session one of our last evenings on Isle of Palms.  Couldn’t believe how perfect the weather was…cool.  Yeap, that’s it.  It was cool.  And it was heaven.  And doing a photo session on a beach has made me think about this whole city photography thing.  Beach sessions seem to be pretty fantastic.  Granted, that could have something to do with the fact that I’m on a beach.  Either way…beach photography is pretty spectacular, especially when you have a beautiful family like this to work with.


And Miss Mara is very close to being a big sister.  I can’t wait to meet this little fella!vacationing in isle of palms photography sessionAnd this might be one of my favorite shots ever.  Those curls, that face…to die for!black and white beach photography with katie oblinger


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