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I’ve been thinking about writing this blog post for a while now and every time I sit down to write I get distracted by something. Finishing holiday cards, television, or just the mounting to do list that never seems to go away.  But I didn’t want to do some canned blog post.  The thing is, this session was a complete departure from the norm for me.  My forte is photographing little kids, their parents and the cute, loving faces they all make while I chase them around fields.  But this one was unique.  It was about this beautiful person celebrating herself.  Celebrating her accomplishments and celebrating a milestone birthday.  We’re so busy working, working, and god knows, working even more that we never take time to enjoy the present.  We float through life without seeing the beauty in things…honestly, we just don’t.  We make excuses that we’re too busy.  Sabrina just isn’t like that.  And I love that about her. The woman finds beauty in everything. She travels the world and takes some of the most stunning pictures you have ever seen.  (She’s a photographer and a globe trotter.)  She bakes the most delicious macarons you have ever tasted.  (She’s a baker.)  She builds/creates fabulous furniture from reclaimed barn wood.  (She’s a diy master). And to add even more to her already glowing resume, she’s a blogger, a letter presser, and to add insult to injury, she’s brilliant.
But we’re here today to celebrate her birthday and all the amazing things she has accomplished.  And this session epitomizes everything I love… Her free spirit, her adorable personality, her beaming smile, and her lust for life.

I truly hope that more people will adopt Sabrina’s view on life and celebrate themselves.  When we stop and look back on our lives, I hope we’ll be able to say that we lived fully, appreciated the beauty, and celebrated ourselves.  Because by the looks of it, Sabrina is doing that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Sabrina – thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.







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