atlanta family photographer | an afternoon ice cream date at Jeni’s Atlanta

Life gets so crazy that you forget to pause and take in what’s right there in front of you.  Work is hectic.  Commutes are hectic.  At the end of the day you’re too tired to think about anything except maybe brushing your teeth and setting your alarm.  I get so busy between being a mom, a wife, and my two jobs that making plans outside of my routine always tends to take a backseat.  So when my sister who lives down the road. who I rarely get to see, extends an invitation to just enjoy a few hours together, you make it happen.  And for the sake of the adventure (because everything I do with my 4 year old becomes an adventure) it doesn’t hurt that Sister (yes, that’s what I call her…and she calls me) conveniently lives near one of my son’s favorite ice cream shops in town. So naturally it became the destination for our afternoon date…and…we made a bee line to it without passing go.

*And disclaimer people…only because I bought a new lens did I have my camera with me.  For real.  Seriously.  No joshing.*

But I’m not gonna lie… these images below are some special ones and I will never regret dragging that beast along with me.  And no, they aren’t all technically perfect. I even snagged a few body part chops along the way, but honestly, I don’t care. Because I also managed to catch a pretty classic chocolate ice cream mustache, a George Costanza style pose, and some incredibly epic hugs between my little boy and his amazing aunt.

What I learned from today’s ice cream date is that:

1. spending time with those that you love should always come first.

2. hugs from the ones you love are an absolute cure-all.

3. eating that second scoop of ice cream is in fact good for the soul (And should be encouraged).


an afternoon ice cream date at Jeni's Atlantaan afternoon ice cream date at Jeni's Atlantaan afternoon ice cream date at Jeni's Atlantaatlanta area family photography_0427atlanta area family photography_0428atlanta area family photography_0430atlanta area family photography_0431

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