A first meeting.

My dear sweet friend, Christina, and her precious little girl, Mabry, have officially returned from their 6 month stay in Nice, France. I haven’t seen Christina since my baby shower last May, which also means that neither she nor Mabry have met my Camden. We totally had to rectify that. So, sister, Christina, her mother-in-law Kathy, Mabry, Camden and I all met for lunch. While Mabry was perfectly behaved, Camden was more of the bad boy. Clearly, we don’t take him out in public enough. After lunch, we grabbed our cameras and took a few photos. Since I haven’t had the chance to truly spend the time photographing Mabry, I made it a point to snap a few extras of her.  But I had to share this photo below.  I joked before our lunch that Camden was meeting his future wife.  From the looks of it, the meeting went as planned. 

And here’s a sweet moment shared between Camden and his auntie Jenn Jenn.

Christina and Mabry, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am you guys are home. And apparently, neither can Camden.

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